Campanita Authors Attend the First Annual Puerto Rican Author’s Book Expo, Bronx, NY

New York. On November 17th, Hostos Community College presented a double program of activities as the First First Annual Puerto Rican Author’s Book Expo joined the 7th Annual Puerto Rican Artisans Fair and Exhibit. The colorful and very well attended event featured artists and writers born in Puerto Rico and of Puerto Rican descent. Campanita Books had two tables, one featuring My Brain Won’t float Away by Annette Pérez, and one featuring the ever-popular Beba and Little sister Island by Rafael Landrón. Both books are bilingual in English and Spanish and they both have been extremely well received in New York and Puerto Rico. In Annette’s case, her book My Brain Won’t Float Away was a chosen title in 2008 as a present from Government House in Puerto Rico to the children of the island for the holiday season. Later the same title was a featured book from the Office of the Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands during their annual Summer Reading Challenge. Rafael’s Beba and Little Sister Island is the hands down best-selling title in Vieques Puerto Rico, according to Robert Rabin, director of the Conde de Mirasol fort on the Isla Nena.