About us

Campanita Books and Little Bell Caribbean are the children’s books imprints of Editorial Campana, an independent publishing company in New York and the US Virgin Islands.
We are committed to the creation of quality children’s books that teach, inspire, and entertain.  Campanita Books produces mostly bilingual titles (English-Spanish) that reflect the world’s ethnic and cultural diversity. Little Bell Caribbean focuses on our desire to publish books by writers and illustrators from the Caribbean region that speak to the children in voices and images that they recognize and can identify with.
Our company is one of the very few minority-owned publishing companies in the United States.
The Caribbean Children's Book Project is an expansion of the initiative created in 2008 by the Office of the Governor of the United States Virgin Islands, which places thousands of books written and illustrated by local writers and artists in the hands of children at no charge to them. Our participation as publishers of several titles used in the popular and successful program encouraged us to pursue the idea of creating books by teams of writers and illustrators from different Caribbean nations. 
Ultimately, and just as with our adult imprint, Editorial Campana, our goal is to publish literature that reflects the thematic needs of groups whose vision of the world and literary concept differs from the vision and aesthetics imposed by the most privileged sectors of society. Second, to publish works that contribute to the recovery of our personal and historic memory, as well as those that will develop the pleasure of reading at any stage of life.