Writers and Artists:

Focus on themes of identity, topics children K-Young Adult can relate to and identify in their own environment. With this, a love and enjoyment of reading, in addition to a stronger sense of self: tools that benefit for a lifetime.

If you are a local resident or were born in the Caribbean and would like to submit a manuscript for review, please send a typed version. English and Spanish manuscripts will be considered.

We also encourage illustrators who would like to be added to our list to contact us for future projects.

Submission Guidelines:


  • Picture books: 2000 words or less. Microsoft WORD document or PDF
  • Young Adults and non-picture books: no words limit, but preference will be given to well edited, concise, and clearly written manuscripts.
  • Illustrators: JPEG or PDF samples of your work accepted. You can also provide us with a link to your webpage or other sites where we can see samples of your work.

Note to those whose work is not accepted: Do not be discouraged. The world is full of classic books that were rejected again and again and of long forgotten books that were accepted when first submitted. Not getting published by one house should not be taken as a reflection on the quality of your work. There are many reasons why a manuscript gets accepted or not accepted, and we encourage everyone to submit to other publishers.  Read your manuscript again, have people you trust and respect read it as well, take critical comments seriously, and if you still think it is a good piece of writing, keep submitting it.