Cristina Louise Participates in Forsyth Nature Center’s Annual Fall Festival, Kingston, NY, October 2012

Author Cristina Louise brings “Where is Paco Now?” to Nature Center Fall Festival.
Author and upstate New York resident Cristina Louise joined tons of volunteers for the Forsyth Nature Center’s annual Fall Festival, held on Monday October the 8th  at their facilities in Kingston, New York. With a beautiful autumn day as background and hundreds of families in attendance to enjoy food, music, and activities, the event was a delight for children and adults alike. Our author, Cristina Louise entertained a young audience by reading her bilingual book Where is Paco Now? Donde está Paco ahora?  With twenty-four animal exhibits and a many gardens of native Hudson Valley flora, it seemed there was no-better place for Cristina Louise AND Paco to join the celebration. Where is Paco Now?  is based on the real-life antics of an upstate New York goat named Paco, who like many of the animals at Forsyth, was also adopted. Apart from the beautiful colorful images by upstate New York illustrator Michelle McIllroy and the clever and informative bilingual text, “Paco” is meant to promote a deeper message aboutkindness and respect towards animals of all shapes and sizes.  Author Cristina Louise, in line with Campanita Books, publisher of “Where is Paco Now?”, also believes in local community activism and using creativity to promote knowledge.   It was a most appropriate setting for the reading as she sat surrounded by The Center, a not for profit group who has been a beloved member of the community since 1936. The Center’s mission “To foster the exploration of the natural world in and around our community through educational programming and contact with flora and fauna at an interpretive facility”, made Cristina, Paco and Campanita Books right at home.

Our day at Forsyth Nature Center was overall very successful. We would like to extend our thanks to the team of community members that not only welcomed us at their event, but who’s tremendous effort make the Center a great place for everyone (both two and four-legged!) all year long. It was also a great experience for kids to join in the reading of “Paco” and then get to visit animals, such as peacocks, llamas, pigs, and most of all goats, which are all included  in the book.
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Mario Picayo