Product Details:

Publication Date: 2012
Recommended Age:  7-10
ISBN: 978-1-934370-25-4
Format: Hardcover, 9” X 11”, 32 Pages










The Lesson Box

By Tregenza Roach
  Illustrated by Karen L. Samuel


One summer afternoon Rebecca (Becca) and her friend Khalid go on a simple errand and find a mysterious, shiny box that seems to have appeared out of nowhere. What should they do? Leave it where they have found it? Take it home? Tell their parents?  Read The Lesson Box and find out how these two seven-year olds handle the situation, never suspecting the consequences of their decision, much less what the beautiful box contains!
The Lesson Box is a fun story that your child will love. It is a valuable tool for parents and teachers who struggle to instill good values in young children and to provide them a sound moral foundation.

A four-page reading guide is also included.