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Language: Bilingual: English and Spanish
ISBN: 978-0-9725611-2-9 (0-9725611-2-9)
Format: Hardcover, 32 pages
Price: $19.95

My Brain Won't Float Away /

Mi cerebro no va a salir flotando

By Annette Pérez  
Illustrated by Yolanda V. Fundora


Annie, an eight-year-old girl, gathers the courage to ask her mother, "Why is one of my hands smaller than the other? Why do I fall so much?" What follows is a story of fears, will, self discovery, and finally, triumph. Annette Pérez narrates her true story of growing up with hydrocephalus with humor, honesty, and compassion, and proves with this story that even the simplest act can change one's life forever.


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