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Language: English
Recommended Age: 9-14
ISBN-13: 978-1-934370-34-6
Publication date: June 2013
Format: Paperback, 96 Pages
Product dimensions: 6” (w) x 9” (h)
Price: $9.95





The Moko Jumbi Majorette

By Alscess Lewis-Brown
Illustrated by Cynthia Hatfield and Wayne “Bully” Petersen


Lexi continues to work towards her goal of becoming the first ever moko jumbi majorette in the carnival parades. After much practice, and lots of help from Granny and Tooty, she can FINALLY jump and dance in her stilts. But when Lexi’s secret isn’t such as secret anymore, her mother has other ideas about Lexi’s plan, and so does Nordica, a bully at school who will stop at nothing to twist her dreams. In this third and final installment of the Moko Jumbi Majorette Series, Lexi must face the ultimate challenge of believing in herself – even when not everyone else does. But is self-conviction really enough to make her dream come true?  

Readers of Moko Jumbi Dreams and Promise of the Pomegrante will enjoy the third and final part to Ms. Lewis-Brown’s Moko Jumbi Majorette Series.