Product Details:

Publication Date: 2012
Recommended Age: 9-14
ISBN: 978-1-934370-22-3
Format: Paperback, 6” X 9”, 112 Pages



Moko Jumbi Dreams

By Alscess Lewis-Brown
Illustrated by Cynthia Hatfield and Wayne “Bully” Petersen

Lexi dreams about being a majorette in the carnival parade, and not just the usual majorette. She’ll kick up her feet and twirl her baton on STILTS. But it takes practice and concentration. How can she focus on becoming a moko jumbi majorette when her best friend moves away, and if that weren’t enough, a new family moves into the house next door. Where are they from and what kind of people are they anyway? And if THAT weren’t enough, a hurricane’s on its way! Lexi’s so busy coping with loss, worry, and impending disaster, is there room in her life for a dream?