Aaron Hamilton

Aaron. H. Hamilton is an artist, native to the island of Dominica.He uses a variety of media including pastel, pencil, acrylic and watercolor to illustrate the natural and material aspects of the landscape and culture of Dominica. Hamilton considers himself to be a Naturalist with no former training in the Arts. His artwork can be seen at Dominica’s Old Mill Cultural Centre Art Gallery and FineArtAmerica.com. He has illustrated Timtim Glo Doubout.., Mi Bredeks and Ti Listwe Donmnik, a compilation of Creole expressions, short stories and riddles published by Dominica’s Konmite Pou E’tid Kwe’yo’l (KEK). Hamilton is also a promising poet and musician and embraces a wide variety of art forms. His aim is to develop the Arts in Dominica, so his people can have a deeper appreciation for art in general.

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