Mara Etienne-Manley


Mara Etienne-Manley started writing at a very early age and has always had an interest in writing her own books.Born on the small island of Dominica, she spent her early childhood in the Caribbean before migrating to Anchorage, Alaska (USA) with her family and then the Lake District in the United Kingdom. In all the places she has lived, Manley has always been enveloped in nature- mountains, rivers, hiking trails, waterfalls and even glaciers.

She studied Journalism and English at the London School of Journalism and the prestigious University of London, respectively. As a writer, Manley has worked in Radio, Television and Publishing for several years, dividing her creative hours between writing magazine articles, radio plays, documentary scripts- and books for children. Taking inspiration from her culturally diverse background, love for children’s literature and her connection with nature, Manley shares her passion for writing on themes that eulogize Caribbean life and culture.


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